IT 6K400 LCD

LCD Control Panel

Duty cycle 30 min*
(*± 5 % at 20°C room temperature @ maximum power)

Input Power 6 Kw
Electrical connection IEC60309

32 Amp

400V/3P+T 50Hz

Working frequency 15-30 Khz

Degree of protection IP21

Hydraulic heat exchanger with fan

1 x tank x20lt
Liquid cooling system

800 cm Electric cable

Network cable 300 cm

66 KG

400x340x1000h mm

800x800x1280h mm

Automotive applications: removing suspensions, shock absorbers; unlock/unscrew nuts, bolts, spherical joints, exhausts; straightening drive shafts.

Ideal for workshops or in the fields that require high-end heat levels. The iT 6K400 LCD induction heaters are also ideal for a wide range of applications: shrink-fitting, hardening, curing beside straightening pre/post heating, annealing, etc. Control panel interface with key pad and leds with 5 heat output levels.

Design: portable self-contained trolley.