Combo 5K400 LCD

All rounder

Duty cycle 30 min*
(*± 5 % at 20°C room temperature @ maximum power)

Input Power 5 Kw
Electrical connection IEC60309

16 Amp

400V/3PH+T 50 230V/1PH (or 3PH)

Working frequency 15-30 Khz

Degree of protection IP21

Hydraulic heat exchanger with fan

1 x tank x20 lt

800 cm Electric cable

66 KG (Excluding cylinder)

400x340x1000h mm

800x800x1280h mm

The COMBO 5K400 LCD is the only machine that uses the power of induction and collision repair technology ideal for a wider range of applications.

Design: portable self-contained trolley.


  • LCD control panel with 5 heat output levels
  • Power board unit
  • Hydraulic radiator group
  • Foot pedal accessory with cable (2,2 m)


  • Heated rear windows/side windows
  • Car sunroof glass
  • Moldings
  • Adhesives and stickers without residues
  • Paint
  • Sealants and/or sound insulation materials
  • Tar liner
  • Structural glue


  • Blocked tyres
  • Wheel alignment
  • Locked nuts, bolts, spherical joints, exhaust mufflers